Sparkling Lemon Wine

Pucker Fizz, what we like to call our "answer to seltzers," all started last Summer with a night of golf.  It was hot, and we needed something light and refreshing to drink.  We make plenty of delicious white wines but, we knew it had to be something with a little less alcohol if we wanted to actually finish our game.  Seltzers were the "new" beverage so we gave them a try.  We  didn't like the artificial taste nor flavor.  So we tried more (not all in one night) Still no go.  Every time we tried a new one, we were disappointed and not fans.

Solution: "Pucker Fizz."  Our concoction and answer to the weak, artificially flavored seltzers.   We used the recipe for our very popular Pucker Up Lemon Wine, but only fermented it to 9% Alcohol by Volume then added the bubbles.  It's light, refreshing, and packs a little punch.  Perfect for golfing, boating, campfires, and just about any other outdoor activity.  

It's the "New Way to Summer."

Since then, Pucker Fizz has become our little obsession.  We started adding "wine bumps" to create more flavors.  Raspberry is here with more flavors to follow.  And, since Pucker Fizz took on a life of it's own, we felt it should have it's own parent name - Two Lemons Fizzery.

Pucker Fizz is made and canned by Cadillac Winery, we just thought it deserved a catchy Brand Name.  

Pucker Fizz is currently served by the glass or can at the CW tasting room.

Look for it soon in a golf course/ store/restaurant near you!