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Our Story

We are Kevin & Jean, owners of Leahy Rock Vineyard and Cadillac Winery, and this is our wine story. 


Not your typical fruit farmers, we were educated in Public Relations and Accounting from Ferris State University and Western Michigan University, but our green thumb and love of wine led us to planting a vineyard in 2011 and opening a winery in 2013.

The experts said  "wine grapes won't grow in LeRoy. It's too far off the big lake," but we were determined to prove them wrong.  We had been growing little plots of vines for years.  How hard could it be to do it in a larger scale?  Hard, but when you are passionate about something you get it done.  And, with friends and family help, we planted a lovely 10 acre vineyard amid family property that Kevin's great, great Uncle George homesteaded nearly 125 years ago.


The vines consist of several new cold-hearty varieties like Marquette and Brianna along with a few traditional European varieties such as Riesling. 

And, there are raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb and  plenty of apple trees that we harvest for hard cider.  

Don't let our CV give you the impression that we are novice winemakers.  Kevin has been making wine in our basement since 1995 and has been producing award winning wines for more that 15 years.  And, he's not your stuffy old winemaker. He experiments with everything from Red Currants to Rose Petals and everything in between.  You must try his Lemon Wine (Pucker Up).  It is the perfect Summer wine alone or made into a cocktail.  Margaritas!

Kevin loves making wine, so if we don't have enough fruit we find it.  Locally when we can, but if we can find juicy blueberries down south, we are taking a drive. That's how we roll.

That is our wine story.  We hope you enjoy our little country winery as much as we do.  Complete with outdoor games, seasonal flowers, herb & veggie gardens - even a compost pile or two - it is a great place to relax and gather with friends.


We look forward to meeting you at Cadilliac Winery - Where Wine Lives.


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