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Pizza & Wine? Anytime!

You all know how much Kevin loves to cook, so it's seldom that we have food delivered - especially pizza as Kev makes a fabulous pie. However, since we were working hard on the Tasting Room we made an exception and ordered from the new Randees in Tustin. It was delicious with a quick delivery.

Through the years, beer has become a pizza partner, but we feel WINE is a better pairing. The salt, spices and cheese - and Randees definitely uses real mozzarella - begs for a nice wine. Since our toppings included sausage, mushroom and onion we paired it with a bolder Marquette wine. Our Marquette is ruby-colored, medium bodied with firm tannins, balanced acidity and lots of fruit. It was a fantastic pairing.

When pairing wine with pizza, keep it simple. A subtle Margherita pizza pairs well with our Devil's teeth due to it's light fruit and good acidity. White pizza? Try our Lunchtime wine or Table White.

What's your favorite pizza/wine pairing? We'd love to know.

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