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letter From the Vineyard

Welcome from Leahy Rock Vineyard May 9, 2019! Pruning and training has been the mantra since the snow melted for the second or third time this year. Buds are swelling from the early varieties, Marquette, Frontenac, (red) Frontenac Gris (blush) and our new Itasca (white), so were concentrating on getting those rows pruned first. The swelling buds are very tender and can easily break off, thus eliminating a shoot can accidentally remove two or three clusters of fruit. Once we catch up on the four early ones, we have 10 more varieties to finish pruning.

We have removed 3 trailers of pruned vines to the burn pile so far, and I’m guessing about 6 to 8 more will follow. The rain today is giving me a break to bottle last seasons, Brianna, Devil’s Teeth, Frontenac Gris and Marquette. Hopefully the rain will hold off tomorrow morning, so I can dormant spray Sulfur to kill last year’s spores of fungi that are waiting to attack this year’s bloom - thus lowering fruit set and eventually causing a lighter harvest. Getting ahead and staying ahead of the fungi and bug invasions are this season's goal. Till next time folks…Kevin

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