Artisan White (Semi-Dry) $13.99 Bottle  $4.67 Glass

A refreshing wine with great minerality, aromas of herbs and grasses and a nice crisp pucker.  Pairs well with fish and spring vegetables like artichokes and asparagus. 

HEY (Semi-Dry)  $13.49 Bottle. $5.15 Glass
The perfect combination of fruit and spiciness while leaving a mellow flavor on your palate.
Heirloom Apple (Semi-Dry)  $12.99 Bottle. $4.50 Glass
Heirloom apples from our farm crushed, pressed and fermented on cinnamon
Spinning Jenny (Semi-Sweet)  $18.95 Bottle. $5.25 Glass
Jenny makes any occasion special.  A luxurious blend of Riesling, Vidal, Brianna and LaCresent that is one of a kind.
Peach (Semi-Sweet)  $12.99 Bottle. $4.79 Glass
A flavorful wine with peach and apricot infusion that invigorates your taste buds while pleasing your palate. Refreshingly paired with pork tenderloin. Enjoy it in it’s youth anytime of the day.
Riesling (Semi-Sweet)  $26.99 Bottle. Not served by glass
One of a kind Germanic style Riesling from the Terrior of LeRoy.  It's crisp minerality makes this Riesling truly special.


Frontenac Gris Blush (Semi-Sweet)$19.99 Bottle. $4.99 Glass
Enticing citrus and tropical fruit along with a brilliant balance of acidity.


Marquette 2018(Semi-Dry) $26.99 Bottle. $7 Glass
Our 2018 vintage is oaky with a delicate fruit palate. Pairs well with meat dishes and Italian food.
Petite Pearl(Semi-Dry) $23.99 Bottle. $5.99 Glass
Cold hearty red wine considered the "Holy Grail" when it comes to Northern red grapes. Garnet in color, it shows complexity in aroma and flavor.
Fronteknocker(Semi-Dry) $9.99 Bottle. $3.99 Glass
Cold hearty grape developed by the University of Minnesota with strong flavor, deep color and a hint of oak.  This slightly acidic wine will knock your tastebuds for a loop.
Devil's Teeth (Semi-Sweet) $16.69 Bottle. $5.15 Glass
A special Winemaker's blend of Concord and Chambourcin this semi-sweet red will delight your taste buds.
WOO HOO! (Semi-Sweet) $12.99 Bottle. $4.67 Glass
This hybrid vinefera is the perfect marriage of New World Frontanac and Old World Shiraz. Bold in it's delivery with a small bite of acidity to liven your palate and have you proclaim Woo Hoo!
Wildberry (Semi-Sweet) $11.25 Bottle. $4.25 Glass
Our proprietary blend of a juicy blush wine with wild blackberries, strawberries and blueberries perfectly melded to create the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness
Black Currant (Semi-Sweet) $22.95 Bottle. $6 Glass
A sweet earthy taste unlike other berries. Fresh gooseberry and passion-fruit flavor-aromas and hints of raspberry, combined with the floral aromatic notes of carnations and roses. An underlying tannic structure adds complexity and balance to the blackcurrant’s acidity and sweetness.
Blueberry (Semi-Sweet) $17.69 Bottle. $4.67 Glass
A true representation of 100% blueberry wine.


Raspberry Ice (Sweet) $22.99 Bottle. Not served by glass
Direct from Leahy Rock Vineyard, this raspberry wine is a blend of red and gold raspberries for a shot of "Pure Michigan."
Ice Wine (Sweet) $34.99 Bottle. Not served by glass
Delicate, sweet elixir crafted from wine grapes that are allowed to freeze on the vine.


Cider of the Day $14 Howler, $9 refill, $5 Glass
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