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Explorer’s Club Registration

Join our Explorer’s Club today and you’ll have access to the Club discounts and other perks right away!

There is no cost to join, you only pay for the quarterly wine shipment. You will be able to choose from Sweet, Dry, or a combination of wines, and can change at anytime. At your next visit to the winery you will need to provide a debit/credit card for us to keep on file. If you don’t stop in before the next shipment, we’ll call you for payment. You can cancel at any time after your second shipment.

Prices for each shipment are an average cost, and will vary depending on the wines and shipping costs.

Sweet: $60

Mixed: $70

Dry: $80

Questions? Contact us at

Explorer’s Club Registration

Shipping Address


Billing Address (if different)


By registering you are agreeing to join the Explorer’s Club. You are also agreeing to provide a credit/debit card at your next visit to keep on file. You can cancel anytime after your second shipment.

Thanks for joining our Club!

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